Mouthwatering: ‘Dinner Series’ by Daddy’s Antique Café & Restaurant

 |  May 18, 2018


‘Dinner Series’ by Daddy’s Antique Café & Restaurant

The satisfaction and joy that comes from seeing a table of people smile and laugh while sharing a meal is the reward that those working at the back end of a restaurant – the kitchen – look forward to. “With our skilled chefs and support staff, along with our abundance of quality produce and ingredients, we have launched a “Special Dinner Series” aimed at offering sophisticated culinary technique of fine dining in a casual and comforting food that you can enjoy every day,” said Nath Deeanandlarp, owner of the popular European comfort food restaurant Daddy’s Antique. The Dinner Series is only served after 5pm due to the complexities and steps needed to fully prepare for each special dish. The mouth-watering dishes include: Roast chicken with pomme puree (495 baht) with a roasted half chicken, oven roasted garlic sauce, creamy tomato puree and grilled baby carrots.   Spice pork chop and grilled avocado (650 baht) with overnight brined pork chop, sumac spice rub, sautéed zucchini and roasted vegetables puree.   Spicy lobster pasta (fresh lobster arriving each Friday) (1,500 baht) Half lobser with spicy tomato and garlic sauce, basil and oregano.   Daddy’s Antique Café & Restaurant 45/8 Moo1, T. Mae Hia Open 9am -10pm Tel. 094 764 1441 Facebook: Daddy’s Antique Cafe & Restaurant – Chiang Mai IG: daddysantiquecafe