Main Dish: Tofu Dish by Steak of the day

 |  May 18, 2018


Tofu Dish by Steak of the day

Chef Rewat Srilachai picked the ubiquitous tofu as the ingredient to create a new dish with in this month’s Spoon&Fork challenge and boy did he rise to it. “Tofu is well known for being one of the healthier proteins out there and I have long wanted to create vegetarian dishes which are exciting and tasty as any meat dish,” said Chef Rewat. “So I used Japanese tofu, egg tofu, fried tofu and firm tofu together to give a twist to the classic lasagna.” He started off using grilling bell peppers, infusing them with the aromas of the charcoal grill then finely chopped them before mixing in morel mushrooms. This was then placed on a casserole dish, using layers of thinly sliced firm tofu, topped with a layer of parmesan and provolone cheese using the blowtorch to meld the cheese onto the tofu. Steak of the day Mae Rim Plaza, T. Rim Tai, Mae Rim Open 11am – 8pm (closed Sundays) Tel. 081 256 7292 Facebook: steak.steakoftheday