Main Dish: Thai Short Bread Cookies by Patcha Since 1989

 |  September 12, 2017

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Thai Short Bread Cookies by Patcha Since 1989

Some of Thailand’s most beloved desserts are in fact of Portuguese descent. One of the most powerful men during the Ayutthaya period, or late 17th century, was a Greek ambassador, Constantine Phaulkon, who became the prime counsellor to King Narai. He married a half Japanese and half Portuguese lady, Maria Guyomar de Pina, or Thao Thong Kip Ma, who spent many years before his eventual execution, working in the Royal kitchens, her legacy continuing to today.

One of the many desserts she introduced to Thailand which is now a permanent fixture in Thai cuisine is the kleep lamduan Thai shortbread cookies, daintily and delicately crafted into a flower traditionally featuring two layers of three petals. Originally made with flour, sugar and pork fat, the mixture dried in the sun to crate the light and airy texture, vegetable oil is today’s healthier substitute.

Patcharaporn ‘Patcha’ Unpresert, owner of Patcha Since 1989, is known for her deep knowledge of traditional and Royal Thai cuisine. She offers these beautiful and delicious kleeb lamduan in packages which you can order for any occasion.

All her products are homemade organic products with no additives and preservatives.

You can order your own kleep lamduan at 084 981 2058

Patcha since 1989

Homemade organic products without food additives and preservatives

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