Main Dish: Summer Thai Dishes at The Ironwood

 |  March 15, 2018


Summer Thai Dishes at The Ironwood

Summer is firmly here and unless you have a ticket out of town, there is no escaping it. That is why our city’s chefs and restaurateurs are busy creating dishes designed to help cool you down so you don’t get too hot under the collar, or belt, this month.

the cold duck salad

The Ironwood is a charming restaurant just ten minutes’ drive up Mae Sa Valley from the Four Seasons; lush green ferns dripping from ceiling pots, lush green tropical gardens and a cool greenhousesque dining area and even a on-site stream you can go dip your toes in. But if that isn’t enough to keep the heat at bay, order the exciting new dish created just for this summer: the cold duck salad. This unique dish sees the duck stewed in red wine and then cooled and sliced. An assortment of vegetables, with chilled slithers of cucumber being the hero, are mixed in a sauce of balsamic, shoyu, lime, chili, red onions and Chinese celery. Head out of town for some fresh(er) air and some cool cuisine.

Khanohm jeen saao naam

 Fried Dried Fish with Watermelon 

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