Main Dish: Southern Spicy Rice Berry Salad with Vegetables by 137 Pillars House

 |  May 18, 2018


Southern Spicy Rice Berry Salad with Vegetables by 137 Pillars House

Culture and heritage ooze from every elegant nook and cranny of the historic 137 Pillars House Hotel, a multiple award-winning hotel and restaurant. Chef Lakana Suakaew was therefore very pleased when she picked the ingredient rice berry for this month’s anniversary challenge because to her it represented another culture, but one which is very important to her. “I once had the opportunity to live and work in the South of Thailand,” explained Chef Lakana, “One of the dishes I got to know well was the southern spicy rice salad with vegetables, a healthy dish filled with fresh vegetables and bold flavours. The secret ingredient to this dish is in its budu fish sauce which is mixed into the dish, coating all ingredients. Each chef has his or her own twist to this dish and I had always wanted to have the opportunity to challenge myself.” Chef Lakana’s rice salad uses the picked rice berry and mixes in fried shallots, powdered dried shrimps, toasted coconut, pomelo, lemongrass, kaffir lime, torch ginger, green mangos, long beans, dried chillis, cashew nuts, gotu kola and mango ginger, tossing them together thoroughly. The budu sauce is then made of palm sugar, galangal, fish sauce, salted spotted mackerels, and other herbs and spices, making for a healthy and delicious dish. This dish will join many others as part of the new Asia menu at 137 Pillars House in June 2018. 137 Pillar House, Chiang Mai 2 Soi 1, Nawatket Road, T. Watgate Tel. 053 247788 Facebook: 137pillarshouse