Main Dish: Poached Eggs on Green by Natwat Home Café

 |  February 15, 2018


Poached Eggs on Green by Natwat Home Café

When you think about a healthy breakfast, a number of places come to mind, perhaps including the Natwat Home Café. Their breakfasts are designed to be healthy, full of energy but most importantly, tasty. “The healthy food trend is big these days, and breakfast is widely understood to be the most important meal of the day,” said Natwat Tangsrivong, owner and chef at Natwat Home Café. “I like to create dishes that are packed with healthy vegetables, filling and tasty proteins and beautiful colours.” The Seussian-named poached eggs on green is a perfect example of the creative, colourful breakfasts served up at this café. The dish is full of different textures and flavours that both complement and contrast with one another in a way that gives you the feeling you are eating a big filling while also being obviously full of fresh and healthy goodness. Smoked salmon, sautéed spinach seasoned with olive oil, grilled broccoli, seasonal avocado and crunchy almonds are just a few of the ingredients that accompany the star of the show – the poached egg. “The dish is served with three side sauces,” Natwat continued. “Beetroot sauce, pesto sauce and peanut sauce and a slice of rye sourdough bread. If you add meat to the dish then these sauces really help bring all the elements of the dish together in a very tasty way.” We recommend sipping on some signature tea or herbal tea with the poached eggs on green dish, to keep with the healthy trend and give you some much needed slow release caffeine from the tea leaves that help kick start your day even further.   Natwat Home Café 330/2 Charoenrat Road, T. Wat Gate Open 8.30am – 5pm (Closed Mondays) Tel. 081 716 1608 Facebook: Natwat Home Cafe