Main Dish: Japanese style shaved ice at Sofuto Cream

 |  March 15, 2018


Japanese style shaved ice at Sofuto Cream

the Goldne Kaigori

Summer is here! And one super popular way to cool down is to head to your favourite shaved ice shop for some slithers of ice bathed in all things sweet and good. Sofuto Cream has added some exciting new items to their menu such as the Goldne Kaigori, a Japanese style shaved ice topped with bourbon vanilla and 99.98% pure gold, stuffed with white peach, and mixed with almond crumble and peach jelly. If that isn’t enough to have you changing your instructions to your Google voice map lady, then how about the Milo Soft Kazan Kakigori, an intense malt chocolate flavoured shaved ice served with fudge brownie or Milo panna cotta. Also make sure you don’t miss daifuku, a pancake soufflé which is paired perfectly with matcha affogato.

Milo Soft Kazan Kakigori

Sofuto Cream Opposite the gate near the Faculty of Education CMU, between Suthep sois 4 and 5. Open 11an – 11pm Tel. 081 172 7173 Facebook: Sofutocream