Main Dish: Herbs and Spices by Daddy’s Antique Café & Restaurant

 |  October 16, 2018


Herbs and Spices by Daddy’s Antique Café & Restaurant

Among the 10 dishes in Daddy’s Antique Café & Restaurant’s Dinner Series we would like to present you with spice pork chop & grilled avocado, a dish which uses up to 10 spices and herbs to not only add aesthetic appeal to the dish but also to offer health benefits. Thyme and fennel used for this dish can support the circulatory system while black pepper can help reduce gas in your stomach and cumin can lower blood sugar levels. A study also found that sumac, an herb which can be found in the Middle East is one of the top 20 herbs that have high levels of antioxidant. After seasoning with 10 spices and herbs, the meat is dried in the fridge to embed the seasoning and then grilled in the oven before being served with baked garlic sauce, potato puree, grilled baby carrot and avocado. Daddy’s Antique Café & Restaurant 45/8 Moo1, T. Mae Hia Open 9am -10pm Tel. 094 764 1441 Facebook: Daddy’s Antique Cafe & Restaurant – Chiang Mai IG: daddysantiquecafe