Main Dish: Herbed Soya Beans with Salted Crab at Kao Torn Kao Laeng

 |  April 20, 2018


Herbed Soya Beans with Salted Crab at Kao Torn Kao Laeng

In the old days, one item that used to always accompany any family meal would have been a nam prik, or chili dip. While today’s fast food lifestyle means that not all households will have freshly made chili dips available each day, it is almost guaranteed that there would be some kind of dip or another in any respectable Thai fridge because we simply love plunging our vegetables and mixing our rice into a tasty and spicy chili concoction. Kao Torn Kao Laeng is pleased to present their version of the classic Thai herbed soya beans with salted crab dip. “Because fresh crabs are seasonal, we have adapted the recipe to use salted crabs so our customers can enjoy the dish year round,” said Chompoonuch Ratana who runs the restaurant with her daughter Tanchanok. “First we take the crab out of its shell, then we soak in water for three minutes to get rid of most of the salted flavour before cooking it in coconut milk and slowly mixing in shallots, lemongrass and minced pork. When cooked, we flavour with palm sugar and tamarind juice and that’s it! It is ready to be served with fresh vegetables and steaming hot rice.” Other dishes to order, say the mother daughter duo, are the stir-fried xiang da vegetables with egg, one of the most popular dishes in the restaurant and the yellow curry with young coconut and gray pomfret. Kao Torn Kao Laeng At Kannas Serviced Apartment & Mini Mall, superhighway, near Khuang Sing Intersection Open 10am – 2pm and 5 – 9pm (closed on Tuesdays) Tel. 084 612 7007 Facebook: kaotornkaolaeng