Main Dish: Fresh Peppercorn Avocado Mixed Riceberry by Ohkajhu Organic Farm

 |  May 18, 2018


Fresh Peppercorn Avocado Mixed Riceberry by Ohkajhu Organic Farm

Fresh, crisp, green, organic…most locals think of Ohkajhu Organic Farm when they have a yearning for those textures and tastes. This farm-to-table salad house and eatery rose to our challenge this month after picking the avocado, which to fans of the delicious berry (yes, avocados are berries!), is soon to be in season. Chef Chalakorn Eakchaipatanakul who is also a shareholder of Ohkajhu, didn’t take long to come up with a fabulous idea. Mixing an assortment of grains and beans with the three rice types, he then topped it all with a refreshing fresh peppercorn avocado salad dressing. “Thai people love grains and beans and when combined with rice, our most beloved grain of all, I think this makes for an exciting dish,” said Chef Chalakorn. The dish combines a kaleidoscopic and intriguing variety of grains such as kidney beans, corn, quinoa, lentil, pumpkin seed, job’s-tears as well as other ingredients such as sunflower sprouts, tomatoes and green rosella, mixing and tossing them thoroughly with the rice. The unique salad dressing is then made of mashed avocado, passion fruit, honey and fresh peppercorn. “So much of what we do you can also do at home,” explained Chef Chalakorn. “I want people to realise that you can grow your own vegetables and cook in your own kitchens, whether it’s 100% organic or not doesn’t matter, it will still be healthy and fresh. That is what we do here at Ohkajhu, our passion is in planting our own vegetables and then seeing what we can make of our produce.” Ohkajhu San Sai branch Open 9.00am – 9.00pm (kitchen closed at 8.45pm) Tel. 081 980 2416 Ohkajhu Nim City Daily branch Open 9.30am – 9.30pm (kitchen closed at 9.15pm) Tel. 092 268 6639 Facebook: ohkajhu instargram: ohkajhu