Main Dish: Hot Fudge Brownie by Hard Rock Cafe Chiang Mai (Eng)

 |  September 13, 2017

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Hot Fudge Brownie by Hard Rock Cafe Chiang Mai

The American brownie is one of the most well-known and popular desserts in the world. It is the simplicity of these squared bites, their adaptability to tastes and preferences and sheer deliciousness that have made them world-renown.

Some say that brownies came about when a harried housewife in 19th century United States forgot to put baking soda in her chocolate cake, et voila! Others claim it was invented by a chef at Chicago’s Palmer House Hotel who was asked to make desserts to be packed into lunch boxes to take to the Chicago World’s Columbian Expo of 1893.

Either way, Chiang Mai’s Hard Rock Cafe serves some of the best brownies in town, with large portions arriving in a bowl filled with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge on a dense chocolate brownie, topped with chopped walnuts, chocolate sprinkles, fresh whipped cream and a cherry! 
And plenty enough to go around…

Hard Rock Cafe Chiang Mai also provide 
cheese cake made with Oreo cookie pieces, homemade apple cobbler, Hard Rock ice cream and classic dinner-style milk shakes join the ranks of the Hard Rock Cafe legend.

Try to save some room for this bowl of sweetness and delight after your burger or ribs, after all there is no rush and you can wander around the restaurant taking in memorabilia Eric Clapton, metallica and  Ariana Grande memorabilia to digest between courses…or get up on the dance floor and rock it out with the nightly bands.

Hard Rock Cafe Chiang Mai

Night Bazaar opposite  Le Meridien Hotel Chiang Mai , Chang Klan Road (parking spots are available at Pavilion)

Open 11am – midnight

Tel. 063 204 6134

Facebook: HardRockCafeChiangMai