Main Dish: The Big Breakfast at Daddy’s Antique

 |  February 15, 2018


The Big Breakfast at Daddy’s Antique

“We take breakfast very seriously here at Daddy’s Antique, I believe it’s important to serve a well prepared dish all the way from the first meal through to our dinner menus, making sure every dish shows utmost quality and care,” said Nath Deeananlarp, the young owner of a restaurant which is the talk of the town – Daddy’s Antique.
For Nath, it’s all about the entire experience. Having lived overseas for most of his life, Nath draws from those experiences to create not only delicious European comfort food that expresses deep flavours, but also a restaurant which gives you the feeling of sitting at home in the European country side. All of the dishes here use only responsibly grown quality produce that are personally sourced by Nath and his team.

“Our dishes may look simple at first glance, but what makes them very special is the process and the steps we take in creating a dish. Each process, from preparation to plating, is very extensive, sometimes inefficiently extensive, but it is important that we make great quality and produce real European comfort food. The result is a menu that has deep meaning and which evokes a lot of nostalgia to me,” explained Nath passionately. “Whether it is a simple breakfast dish or a complex evening meal, we make sure that every dishes here is infused with flavour and care, like father’s cooking.”

Daddy’s Antique’s architecture and design are in homage to Nath’s father who is passionate about traditional European architecture and even more so, European antiques, of which he is an avid collector. A German church which his father admired was the main source of inspiration for the building which houses the restaurant. The interior of this building is filled with collectables ranging from old cameras to clocks and some vintage black and white photographs.

While the weather is still cool, head on over, you can sit in the lovely garden or inside the building which houses cosy antique contemporary furnishings and interior designs that will make you feel like home; perfect for sharing memories and great times with friends and families. The European comfort food at Daddy’s Antique is designed to nourish the body as well as the soul.
Don’t forget to leave some room for their famous tiramisu, a signature dessert made from an original Italian recipe which is heart warming and delicious, especially with a cup of coffee.

Breakfast at Daddy’s Antique Café & Restaurant

Honey Ham Croque Monsieur
Sourdough from natural yeast with honey ham with gruyere and cheddar béchamel sauce served with a lemon dressing salad, mango chutney and mixed greens.

Bacon Avocado Quesadilla
With freshly made guacamole, house made bacon jam, cheddar cheese and a fried egg.

Brioche Eggs Benedict
Poached eggs on brioche bun with a choice of honey ham or smoked salmon served with crispy potatoes, hollandaise sauce and wild rockets.

Daddy’s Big Breakfast
Hungry? You won’t be for long with this big breakfast of grilled smoked bacon steak served with crispy potatoes with rosemary, toasted baguette, mixed greens with grilled lemon and a crème fruit dressing.

Avocado Croissant
Deceptively simple, this delicious breakfast of smashed avocado, soft boiled egg, cherry tomatoes and red radish is served on top of a toasted croissant.

Daddy’s Antique Café & Restaurant
45/8 Moo 1, T. Mae Hia
Open 9sm – 10pm
Tel. 094 764 1441
Facebook: Daddy’s Antique Cafe & Restaurant – Chiang Mai