Kitchen Culture: Papardelle Pasta with Slow Cooked Beef by Acrobaleno Italian Restaurant (Eng)

 |  June 18, 2018


Papardelle Pasta with Slow Cooked Beef
by Acrobaleno Italian Restaurant

Some historians claim that it was the famous Italian explorer, Marco Polo, invented pasta after adapting the Chinese noodle recipe. Some historians disagree, but whatever your theory, we know that not long after Marco Polo was around, pasta became a staple dish of Italy and transformed their cuisine forever.

Today, there are over 600 types of pasta, made by simply combining flour, egg and a bit of water. Each type of pasta has its own thickness, shape, and method of cooking, so naturally, the shape of the pasta is important when selecting the right sauce to match. Seashells catch the sauce inside and thick noodles like pappardelle increase surface area which grabs onto and holds the sauce.

At Acrobaleno Italian Restaurant, the homemade Italian restaurant located near Wat Gate area, they use the pappardelle pasta to present their rich strong sauce made from slow cooked beef. The dish, pappardelle pasta with slow cooked beef, is made with homemade pasta, and ossobuco – a veal shank that has a fair amount of fat that helps permeate the meat and create a rich, deep flavour.

Here they dice the ossobuco into pieces before stewing them with spices and vegetables until the meat is soft and tender. This technique not only helps the meat become rich in flavour, but it also helps retain the nutrients of the meat in the sauce. When it is served, the rich beef sauce is mixed with the pasta and the beef is delicately placed on top.

Acrobaleno Italian Restaurant
60 Wat Gate Road, Mueang
Open 11 am – 2 pm and 5.30 pm – 10 pm (Close on Wednesday)
Tel. 053 306 254
Facebook: arcobaleno.chiangmai