Kitchen Culture: Beef Tongue Stew with Red Wine Sauce By Rachamankha Hotel

 |  February 15, 2018


Beef Tongue Stew with Red Wine Sauce By Rachamankha Hotel

Most people think of a beef steak when it comes to red wine sauce, with that thick mahogany colour glazing a piece of freshly seared meat. But at the Rachamankha Hotel, they are using wine to both marinate and serve as a sauce while using a largely overlooked part of the cow, the tongue. “Thai cuisine is famous for its use of each and every part of the animal, so I wanted to explore that local tradition and infuse it with a western style,” said Chef Patcharapol ‘Tom’ Tiyasakon. “Our beef tongue stew with red wine sauce marries the stranger side of Thai cuisine with the flavours of rich western wine dishes to make a perfect addition to our steak menu.” “We take 200g of tongue and stew it for many hours which helps remove the chewiness from this tough muscle, and softens the meat into something that simply melts in the mouth. While the tongue is stewing, we take the red wine and make a sauce, ready to pour on top when served.” Rachamankha Hotel also serves up cuisines from many other nationalities and traditions, and their focus is on regional cuisine including local Lanna, Burmese, Shan and central Thai dishes, as well as their international offerings. Rachamankha Hotel, Chiang Mai 6 Rachamankha Road Soi 9, T. Si Phum Open 6am – 10pm Tel. 053 904 111 Facebook: RachamankhaHotel