Instar Corner: The Diplomat Single Malt Club (ENG)

 |  May 18, 2018


The Diplomat Single Malt Club

Single malt lovers, rejoice! Whereas we used to have to squint and peer at rows of alcohol behind posh hotel bars, hoping for the sight of a golden bottle or two of single malt to choose from, we are now facing another challenge, what bottle of malt to choose from so many!

Located in the classic Old Chiangmai in Haiya, this sophisticated little venue is everything we fans of ‘water of life’ dream of. (Whisky the English corruption of the Gaelic word usquebaugh, which means water of life.) From 18 year old single casks to decades old nectars, there is a whisky for every palate. Whether Irish, Scottish or Japanese, if you can’t decide on one, order yourself a flight of four drams and pair it up with some exquisite hot snacks on the side. Sláinte!

The Diplomat Single Malt Club
The Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre
185/3 Wualai Road, T. Haiya
Open 6pm – midnight (Closed every Sunday, please dress politely)
Facebook: thediplomatchiangmai