Food Trails: Summer Sweet at Sofuto Cream

 |  April 19, 2018


Summer Sweet at Sofuto Cream

 There is nothing better to combat the heat than some deliciously sweet and chilled ice cream. Sure, grab an ice lolly out of the 7-Elelven freezer if you want, or why not push the boat out and tuck into some high grade glace at Sofuto Cream instead? Apart from their Golden Kakigori, a bowl full of milk flavoured ice cream shavings, topped with natural vanilla pod ice cream, and real gold leaf that you can eat, they are now serving up curious combinations of sweetness and cheesiness that are surpsingly good. The cheese soufflé pancake is divine, served with strawberry butter and a crumble side, topped with a rich strawberry sauce. Wash that down with a Matcha Afffogato, a rich green tea drink with soft vanilla cream served on top. If there is still a spot to be filled, why not grab a few purple potato Daifuku to go, with a choice of filling of green tea or red beans. Another must try is the Milo Soft Kazan Kakigori, with milo flavoured ice, stuffed with the classic milo, and served with a fudge brownie, a milo panna cotta and milo powder. Sofuto Cream Open 11am – 11pm Suthep Road, at the entrance to Suthep Soi 4, behind CMU at PP Place project (Opp. Fac. Education) Facebook: Sofutocream