Food Trails: Pui Baan Suan Salad Maejo

 |  January 18, 2018


Pui Baan Suan Salad Maejo

Before salads became so popular in Chiang Mai, there was Pui Baan Suan Salad Maejo which has been supplying Kasen Store with salads for over 20 years. When the next generation grew up they became interested in the business and decided to open a restaurant serving – three guesses! – salads, grown on their farm and served with a variety of proteins and their two signature dressings; clear and creamy. Today the restaurant has expanded beyond salads and also serves many family recipes including the smoked pork ribs with herbs, smoked Thai red tilapa with herbs, spicy lemongrass salad with prawns, spicy Thai red tilapa salad, Acacia omelettes and fresh shrimps in vegetable sour soup star. Two great desserts will have you wondering which to choose to end the meal, the millet and palm candy with sweet coconut milk or the aromatic banana syrup with sweet coconut milk. Pui Baan Suan Salad Maejo 21 Moo 10, Chiang Mai Phrao Road, A. San Sai Open 11am – 4pm (closed on the 16th and 17th of the month) 053 498 049 Facebook: ปุ๊ย บ้านสวนสลัดแม่โจ้