Food Trails: Homglai Science & Technology Park branch

 |  July 16, 2018


Homglai Science & Technology Park branch

Homglai is the café brand of the wildly successful Hillkoff. It has recently opened a new branch at the Science and Technology Park and is serving food to pair with coffees. Being a four-decade long expert on all things coffee, Hillkoff has proven itself to be at the forefront of Chiang Mai’s coffee culture and development. Using mainly local ingredients and local coffees, what they call the ‘arom mixologist’ or mood mixlologist knows exactly what coffee to serve with which dish. Foodies who are also lover of coffee will find this a very special and interesting dining experience. One fascinating dish is the pork chop espresso, a perfectly cooked piece of meat covered in an aromatic coffee sauce served with fresh vegetables and beetroot coloured mash. The charcoal water crab spaghetti topped with bacon is another favourite as is the healthy Pa Punn Shimp fruit salad filled with green and red apples, black olives, cherry tomatoes, sun-dried bananas, dried mangoes, red and green oak salad served with an innovative dressing with a hint of tom yum and topped with grilled prawns and a soupcon of orange peel. They also provide workshops and a study centre for anyone interested in learning more about this unique art form.   Homglai Science & Technology Park branch Located in Science & Technology Park Open 8.30 – 16.00 น. Tel. 095 675 3137 Facebook: ilovehillkoff Facebook: Learningspace.Hillkoff