Food Trails: The Good View All Day Restaurant (Eng)

 |  June 18, 2018


The Good View All Day Restaurant

The best moment is when you realise you can eat your favourite food any time of the day. Many places are only open in the evening or in the morning, leaving you craving that breakfast at dinner and that steak for breakfast. We’ve all been there, but thankfully the Good View All Day Restaurant can cure those cravings, by letting you give into your desires.

As the name may suggest, the Good View All Day Restaurant is open all day, with more than 120 menu items, including breakfast, simple one dish meals, rich dinners and side dishes of both Thai and western flavours, a bakery and of course the classic spread of tea and coffee!

Jeraphon Rittheap, or chef Tan, has experience with both Thai and foreign cuisines. His signature dishes include grilled salmon with fired bread crust, fish biryani, spaghetti carbonara, and spicy grilled beef salad.

Other top dishes include Thai turmeric coconut chicken soup, BBQ pork ribs, and waffle with coconut ice cream on top

The Good View All Day Restaurant
404, Sompoch Chiang Mai 700 year’s road.
Open daily 8.00 am – 10.00 pm