Food Trails: Dashixi ChiangMai

 |  July 16, 2018


Dashixi ChiangMai

Egg noodles can sometimes be filled with preservatives, taking away from its unique flavour. So if you love classic Chinese egg noodles, head over to this noodle shop to sample their delicious homemade egg noodles which come in three colours; the classic yellow, the green ‘yok’ noodles (colour originally from kale) and a new classic charcoal noodle. Chinese people believe that egg noodles help with longevity and it is often used in offerings as well as being a table-staple for all important occasions. The restaurant’s signature dish is the Dashix charcoal noodles with a bowl filled with wontons, crispy and braised pork, delicious and filled with goodies. The Three Kings noodle is also famous and only sold in the Chiang Mai branch as it combines all three coloured noodles in one dish and served with lots of pork and veggies. Other non-noodly dishes include rice topped with crispy pork, rice topped with grilled pork and rice topped with pork knuckle. Porked out? Wash it all down with some roselle or chrysanthemum juice.   79/5  Arak Road, T. Phra Sing (Located in The Chiang Mai old city) Open 9:30 – 3 am (closed every 1 and 16 of month) Tel. 081 591 5622 Facebook: ต้าซื่อสี่ บะหมี่เบตง เชียงใหม่ – Dashixi ChiangMai