Food Trails: Dairy Boutique (Eng)

 |  September 13, 2017

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Dairy Boutique

Yoghurts are healthy, but unlike many healthy bites, it can also be truly tasty. At Dairy Boutique, natural artisanal yogurts are created with no preservatives, artificial flavouring nor colour. Dairy Boutique yoghurts are infused with some fabulous flavours to make for tasty treats. Lanna Milk, the milk used to make Dairy Yoghurt is of the highest standard and natural honey is used instead of any artificial sweetener.

If you like aromatic yoghurts, then try the vanilla, lemon or our favourite, coffee flavoured yoghurt, each bursting with flavour. For a sugar free yoghurt filled with sweetness, try the honey yoghurt and if you have some ahem, digestive issues, then take a scoop of tamarind yoghurt or the super healthy kefer yoghurt. There are also fun textured yoghurts such as the raspberry, strawberry or blueberry yoghurts, giving you something to bite and chew.

Dairy Boutique is expanding its list of products and now makes fresh cheeses such as the deliciously fresh mozzarella and the zingy lemon curd.

Dairy Boutique

Available at Rimping Supermarket, Suriwong Book Centre and Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center

Dairy Boutique Co., Ltd 22 Moo 5 Tha Wang Tan Road, A. Saraphi

Tel. 088 259 0982, 081 884 5670

Facebook: dairyboutique