Food Trails: Bearista Coffee (Eng)

 |  August 17, 2018


Bearista Coffee

Bearista Coffee is where Joe hangs out. After a career as diverse as being a nurse and working in the oil industry in the middle of the ocean, he has decided to open his own bliss and invites all and sundry to join him for a perfectly adorable cup of coffee – adorned with a frothy teddy bear – or some energising citrus espresso which adds a zing to any cuppa. If you are caffeined out, then enjoy a refreshing smoothie or some sweet bites.

But if you are up for a challenge, Joe says that his concept is: Your Drink – Your Design.

So why not rise to the challenge and ask him to design you some crazy latte cart to Instagram to your envious friends and family.

Bearista Coffee

Located in front of Ploen Ruedee Night Market at Night Bazaar Chiang Mai, Chang Klan road (Google Map)

Open 2pm-10pm (Closed every Sundays(

Tel. 082 891 2599, 062 558 2995

Facebook: Bearista Coffee