Food Trails: B Tamps Coffee (Eng)

 |  January 18, 2018


B Tamps Coffee

B Tamps Coffee – a sit and chill cafe, part of the B Samcook Home 16 community, is packed with many styles and trends to interest all types of customers. Included in the area is also a restaurant, wine bar, and rooms to rent – like a large home with all you need at your fingertips in a super cosy atmosphere. The B Tamps Coffee area is perfect for those looking for something a little more unique, with drinks such as the mojito coffee – infusing the flavours from the popular mojito cocktail and mixing it with the rich tastes of coffee. Another one that may interest the coffee aficionados is the avocado latte, a latte served in half an avocado in a martini glass with a side of honey. The trick is to drink the coffee then pour over the honey and eat with the avocado meat.

In addition to their funky coffees, they also have the regulars like cappuccino and espresso, alongside a range of mocktails like the raspberry soda mocktail with colours or a red sky setting behind Doi Suthep. Right now they have several coffee promotions, with sets starting at 200 baht and unlimited refills for five hours.

B tamps coffee

Open 8am – 10pm

5 soi 3 Kampang Din Road, Muang Chiang Mai

Facebook: B tamps coffee

097 289 4959