Eat Well: Salty beef in ginger soup by The Ultimate Seasonal Sensation

 |  September 13, 2017

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Salty beef in ginger soup by The Ultimate Seasonal Sensation

Local produce is often ignored as we scour our supermarket shelves for shiny and attractive imported goods. The ubiquitous vine growing up the fence can be overlooked when compared to a plump and posh hydroponic tomato.

The School of Tourist Development, Mae Jo University sees the importance as well as the potential of local vegetables and is working towards developing knowledge of organic local produce by inviting twelve of the city’s top chefs to create exciting dishes using over 600 local produce.

Chef Papatsorm Na Chiengmai, or Chef Tutu, of Kampaengkaew Restaurant in Maiiam Contemporary Arts Museum, is one of the chefs invited by the school to create menus. He selected the humble green taro to be the star of his first dish, a long-forgotten soup intriguingly called ‘Japanese Lose Land’ soup. This salty beef in ginger soup was believed to have been a favourite of a battalion of Japanese soldiers during the second world war, and it was while dining on this dish that they heard of the end of the war, hence the name.

Chef Tutu added the green taro to this soup and elevated it to a delicious broth.

This will be just one of ten dishes Chef Tutu will create, and once all twelve chefs compile ten recipes each, using only locally sourced and organic produce, there will be a series of books published to promote both the recipes and the potential of indigenous plants.

This is part of the school’s Gastronomic Tourism Destination project which aims to add value to agricultural communities and work with local chefs to co-create organic food design. Chef Tutu and other gastrodiplomats will be featured in our coming issues.

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