Chef’s Secret: The Food4Good Project

 |  June 18, 2018


The Food4Good Project

According to a UNICEF study, over 200 million children worldwide are unable to use their brain to its full potential due to a lack of essential nutrition, appropriate upbringing and quality education. Thailand is no exception, with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) reporting that over 5.8 million Thai teenagers, 12% of the population, were suffering from malnutrition in 2013. In wake of this revelation, the Food4Good project has been set up to help solve the growing malnutrition problem in children. The project will help reduce expenses for the organisations already dealing with the issue, and support a budget for nutrient rich food for children in partnership with several restaurants around Thailand. From the start, over 100 restaurants in Thailand joined the cause, promoting nutrient rich food and sending their best dishes to the project to help those who were malnourished, while also donating part of their profits to charities and foundations already working on the issue. These include the Sahathai foundation (, the disability children foundation (, Baannokkamin foundation ( The Foundation for Child Development has also been helping children in 7 underprivileged schools in Mae Hong Son province. For over five years, the bellies of children have been filled with nutrient rich foods that are great for their bodies and their minds. However, the Food4Good project is far from complete, with millions of children still listed as malnourished and waiting for help. The Food4Good project hopes to expand its connections further, bringing more food and more donations to the cause. For more information about the participating restaurants and how to join the project: Call. 099-254-1415 , 02-301-1149 Facebook: food4goodth E-mail: [email protected]