Chef’s Secret: ‘COFFATIC Coffee Balsamic’ by Hillkoff

 |  March 15, 2018


‘COFFATIC Coffee Balsamic’ by Hillkoff

Coffee farmers around the world are looking for a new way to utilise the large amount of coffee cherry pulp, often left behind as waste and which is endangering to the environment due to toxicity (50% of coffee production is waste and often thrown away). Fortunately, the pulp can be turned into valuable products such as body lotions, air fresheners, fertilisers and etc.

Through funding and cooperation with the National Innovation Agency (NIA), the Thailand Research Fund (TRF), the Association of Thai Innovation and Invention Promotion (ATIP), Maejo University, the Research and Researchers for Industries (RRI), and researchers from many universities, Hillkoff, the oldest coffee company in Chiang Mai, has found the way to turn wasted pulp into a product called “COFFATIC Coffee Balsamic”. Their research has already won a gold medal award from the International Invention and Design Competition (IIDC) 2017 held in Hong Kong.

“We have been working in the coffee industry for over 40 years.” said Naruemon ‘Poon’ Taksa-Udom, the owner of Hillkof, “and we have found that the heart of doing our business is dependent on sustainable development. By following this concept, we’ve discovered an innovative way to turn waste into valuable products which not only can provide direct benefit to farmers but also help reduce toxic waste in the environment too. This is how we should grow in this industry and that is why we never stop investing in research and development. We believe there’s a long way to go and we aim to help the entire industry to go for the sustainable way.”

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