Drink Me: 3D Latte Art by Bear Hug Café

 |  April 19, 2018


3D Latte Art by Bear Hug Café

Bear Hug Café invites you to sample a range of aromatic drinks served with their distinctive decoration called 3D Latte Art. This type of decoration is created from whipping milk foam to create shapes on top of your desired drink. Bear Hug Café uses this method to create bear shaped 3D latte art before decorating it with melted chocolate or food colouring. You can choose this cute bear latte art to top either a hot or cold drink. Whether you would like this little bear shaped latte art on your coffee, green tea, Thai tea, or cocoa, you only need to pay an extra 10 baht for hot drinks and 20 baht for cold drinks.

The Cheese Foam is also recommended to top any of the cold drinks you may crave. This cheese foam is made by mixing cream cheese with whipped cream until a fluffy foam is formed. For only an extra 20 baht, you can enjoy this aromatic cheese foam to add a little white mustache to your lips.

Bear Hug Cafe
91/1 Kotchasarn Road, T. Chang Klan (near Chiang Mai Commercial Technological College)
Open 9am – 6pm (closed Wednesdays)
Tel. 053 206 555, 087 497 3510, 086 659 2484
Facebook: bearhugcafe