Spice Garden, the old city’s new destination

 |  December 24, 2019


  Spice Garden is a restaurant which will delight foodies everywhere with its creatively made and presented dishes which aim to enhance dining experiences, offering something unique and new to the local foodscape. Brasserie and Bar is a Spice Garden outlet which will seduce as you walk in and smell the freshly baked pastries and aromatic coffee. At night, however, this cosy daytime casual brasserie for small bites turns into a sophisticated cocktail and wine bar serving innovative drinks as well as the classics. Order the Gunpowder Plot for a true introduction to Spice Garden as this spectacular drink arrives covered, only to release clove infused smoke upon opening. This refreshing, complex and very tasty cocktail is vodka based, softened and sweetened by triple sec and a complex mix of rosemary, cinnamon and cloves as well as a special Spice Syrup. The Spice Power Sour is another must try drink to order from the casual outdoors Spice Bar outlet of Spice Garden. Served on a mini garden tray with cinnamon and a dramatic waft of dry ice, this drink filled with flakes of ice and topped with a thin sprinkling of brown sugar offers a hint of the tropics at first sip. When slowly mixed with the lime soda, and with the addition of Spice Syrup, which has eight herbal ingredients, the drink comes together with a full-bodied punch with the addition of vodka kick. Spice Garden 17 Soi 5 Moon Muang Rd,T. Sriphum, Muang Chiang Mai Facebook: Spice Garden www.spicegarden.co.th