Nana Jungle Café and Restaurant | A Chilled Zone Lulled by Music

 |  December 24, 2019


  Delicious aromas of baked goods gently wake up neighbours and entice people to come to this little bakery in the jungle every morning for fresh breads, croissants and other goodies…so much so that this aromatic Pied Piper has had to open up five branches of the popular Nana Jungle to satisfy demands. Starting off as a bakery which supplied many of Chiang Mai’s restaurants and cafes, Nana has now spread across Chiang Mai, latest opening its Nana Jungle Café and Restaurant which serves so much more than baked goods. The restaurant has also added a new zone, adding new items from the east and the west, to its menu. Try the Nana longan green curry, a classic Thai dish of ground pork in green curry with a sweet twist or the grilled Australia rib eye with melon salad, a delightful balance of flavours using only premium products. The rice berry salad is great for health lovers as is the sea bass and picked lettuce with sweet and sour soup. We can’t wait to see what they do next.     Nana Jungle Café and Restaurant Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road, T. Nong Hoi Open 9am – 11pm Tel. 052 010 512