Get to know Spice Garden’s Chef Tee

 |  March 13, 2020


  Those of us who appreciate fine dining are always in awe and admiration of the sheer creativity, hard work, experience and dedication which goes behind the creation of every dish which emerges from the kitchen. Chef Tee is a hot young chef from Loei Province, whose career is on the fast track. He graduated from Mahasarakham University’s Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management which also included a course in cooking. It was this one course which he fell in love with and which led him to work as an intern at the Dhara Dhevi hotel here in Chiang Mai, where he worked in the award-winning Farang Ses restaurant for three memorable months. Famous for its modern French cuisine, Farang Ses was, for many years, rated as one of the North’s top fine dining restaurants. Enjoying his time at the hotel he moved into a full time job as Commis III before joining the Furama Chiang Mai team as sous chef, his first real job in a professional kitchen. Over the past ten years Chef Tee has focused on developing his skills by entering a slew of Thai and international cooking competitions. In the first year he travelled to Pattaya where he was a representative on the Thai team on behalf of the Chef Association of Chiang Mai where his team grabbed the third prize from a total of 11 countries. After that he represented Thai chefs in the Thailand Culinary Academy by competing in Myanmar, where he grabbed the second prize. Apart from the multiple awards he has garnered, he also spends his free time lecturing at various universities and educational institutions, helping to foster the next generation of chefs. Today Chef Tee is the man behind each and every dish served at Spice Garden, Chiang Mai’s new lifestyle destination in the heart of the city. As sous chef, he combines French cooking techniques with creativity and innovation to create taste memories. One dish which should not be missed is the triple quinoa beetroot smoked salmon, using fresh vegetable produce along with picked vegetables in a French style and served with home smoked salmon. “Food is like travel,” said Chef Tee, “every journey is new and even if it follows the same footsteps, the experiences are always unique. The same with food, even though we make the same dish over and over again, it can always be improved upon.” Spice Garden 17 Soi 5 Moon Muang Road Facebook: Spice Garden