Food Trails: หวานพอดี (Eng)

 |  September 13, 2017

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Just Sweet Enough

This humble Thai dessert shop near the Railway Station serves up all sorts of sweet delights where you can choose to mix and match up to five ingredients to make your own cocktail of sweetness! Choose between palm seeds, taro, lotus beads, grass jelly, kidney beans, dried fruits, milk coconut, bananas in syrup and many more favourites and you can have it warn with warm coconut milk or cold with some crushed ice. They also have various desserts you can take home at 30 and 50 baht a pop. A perfect place to stop on your way home to grab some pudding for after supper.

Just Sweet Enough
Charoen Muang Road, T. Wat Kate (Near Bangkok Bank on the road towards railway station)
Open 6.30 – 11pm (close on Wednesdays)
Tel. 099 263 6654
Facebook: หวานพอดี