The Story Behind the Dish | The Charcuterie Plate : NANA Jungle Café & Restaurant

 |  July 9, 2019


  Nana Jungle Café & Restaurant’s Chef Praphat Kaewwannee has over 20 years of cooking under his belt and is now helming Nana Jungle’s restaurant in 89 Plaza. This spacious and welcoming venue is decorated in the signature jungle style, as homage to the brand’s origins in Chang Khian’s jungles, and serves up the already well known baked goods the business is famous for, but with an additional of traditional Thai dishes, some of which are very hard to find these days.     There are one-dish offerings for easy and quick all day dining, as well as some European and fusion dishes, such as the tom yum spaghetti, fish steak with galangal sauce and many other intriguing sounding offerings.     And Chef Praphat guarantees that he is using only the best ingredients and makes most of the elements himself, to ensure quality. The charcuterie plate, a French favourite, is his pride and joy because he says that he makes everything from scratch, starting from marinating the meats, curing it in the proper temperature and in the case of the sausages, baking them for four to five hours in temperate heat. This entire dish in fact takes a whopping two weeks to perfect from start to finish.     And nothing goes better with a generous charcuterie than cheese (though we would argue that wine would be a good contender!), so the chef has selected some premium feta, emmental, brie, cheddar, gorgonzola and other cheeses to go with the assortment of pickles and micro greens, making for a wonderful feast to be shared.   NANA Jungle Café & Restaurant Chiang Mai 89 Plaza. T. Nong Hoi Open daily 9am – 10pm Tel. 095 861 2920 Facebook: NANA Jungle cafe’&restaurant