Teh C Special | The Refreshing Drink Inspired by the Popular Te Tarik

 |  December 13, 2018


Teh C Special with high tea set


The Redbox may be the new kid in the box, but its reputation has gained in leaps and bounds since it opened its doors early this year, mainly for the finely-tuned dining experience its dedicated owners offer. Each dish is highly conceived, each presentation well-orchestrated. What we haven’t yet talked about is its special Teh C Special, a cold drink inspired by the popular Te Tarik, found in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

The refreshing drink is almost too pretty to drink, arriving in layers; the dark coconut sugar layer, or Guala Melaka, the cream layer and the Thai-Malay tea layer all topped with a final frothy layer of foam sprinkled with orange sugar. The presentation is not just for effect, each layer perfectly complements and combines to make a refreshing whole.

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