Sweet Whatever

 |  October 31, 2019


Delicious donuts and pastries at Sweet Whatever are designed to hit your sweet spot.

“I lived in Seattle for many years and spent many happy days on the ski slope, after which I would always enjoy a donut and that is the memory and tastes I wanted to bring home,” said Nath Deeananlarp, owner of Daddy Antique restaurant and its new sister bakery, Sweet Whatever.

A pink and glassed display case tantalises with its display of colourful donuts, in the Seattle style – a pączki donut which is round and filled with goodies. Choices are seemingly endless with blueberry cheesecake, Kyoto matcha, messy chocolate, strawberry shortcake, vanilla mascarpone, Thai tea, coconut soft cream and natural yeast each with a slight crunch to its skin with every doughy fresh bite; a slight tart aftertaste from the sour dough adding complexity. And what better to wash it all down with than an all-American milkshake.

Sweet Whatever
45/8 Moo.1, T. Mae Hia
Open every day 11am-5pm
(doughnuts frying at 11am – 2pm)
Tel. 094 764 1441
Facebook: Sweet Whatever