Sun Bridge Foods Chiang Mai

 |  December 24, 2019


If you are a lover of Japanese cuisine, then you must make your way to Sun Bridge, importer of all sorts of Japanese delicacies and essentials. Whether it is fresh fish imported directly from Japan’s morning seafood markets, or high quality Japanese rice and condiments, Sun Bridge pretty much has it all. Stock up your pantry and fridge with great produce from sakes to teas from all grades and at all prices.

The latest product to line Sun Bridge’s shelves is the LOTTE ice cream, a super popular brand in Japan which comes in multiple flavours. The flavour combinations, the packaging, the variety, will have you wanting to take home as many as your freezer can handle.

Sun Bridge Foods Chiang Mai
Ruamchok Mall 204/70 T.Fah Ham

Tel. 065 445 6594
FB: Sunbridgechiangmai