Street Spotlight : Favourite crispy pork shop

 |  November 1, 2019


This month’s street eat is Chef Napatsakorn ‘Puri’ Kitka’s favourite crispy pork shop. Located near the front of Payap University this little crispy pork shop is owned by Sangsaarun Sriprapai, originally from Mae Hong Son, who decided to open her business here in Chiang Mai when she came across this prime location.

She says that she doesn’t have any great secret to her pork recipe, but the fact that she sells five kilos a day of crispy pork means that there must be something super special about it.

Buying fresh pork each day, she first boils it, then dries it before frying it up. She leaves it wrapped up overnight to tenderise the meat before giving it good deep fry the next morning before slicing it for service. Her omelettes are also hugely popular and she manages to go through three big trays of eggs per day. Chef Puri, who produces the lovely seasoning, Psign, is hooked and recommends it to one and all.

Pa-Aroon Kitchen
Infront of Payap University (Mae Kaw)
Tel. 088 547 7593, 081 169 9783