Soundless café: practice your sign language and indulge in cheesecakes

 |  November 23, 2020


Baked by Win is a unique little café in a city where cafés clambour to be unique. Each and every bakery item, enticingly displayed in the cool café’s cake stand, is made by Win Krasaevej, 22, a deaf young man who has a passion for baking – hence, Baked by Win!         Win spent four years studying bakery in the best schools in Bangkok; his devoted mother a constant by his side, translating with sign language.     There is a big board with a simple guide to sign languages behind the counter, to help you to communicate with Win, or you can simply order verbally to any member of staff, or likely Win’s mother.     We tried a selection of baked goods and while Win is a young pup of a baker, his cheese cakes, tarts and cookies were second to none. There are many hot and cold drinks and the café is a charming, bright, light, friendly place to while away some hours. You can even have some fun learning and practicing sign language.     Baked by Win Open 10am – 5.30pm daily (closed Wednesdays)