Meet Shagri-La’s Gabriele Lombardo

 |  November 6, 2019


Running a five star hotel is to juggle a circus of issues, people and activities, while making it all look seamlessly effortless. And that is what Gabriele Lombardo, Shangri-La hotel’s general manager does, as he suavely materialises and disappears to solve one problem, greet one guest, or make one appearance, across the resort’s property, never a hair out of place nor breaking a sweat.

Gabriele began his career as an F&B manager, working in several countries around the world for three decades, until he found his new home here in Chiang Mai. While the hotel runs like a well-oiled machine, one thing which has stood out for us in the past two years since his arrival, is Shangri-La’s positioning as leader in the food and beverage scene, obviously Gabriele’s strength.

“I am an Italian who used to live in Switzerland, which is famous for hotel management. As I am interested in this business, I studied hotel management and began my first job in Egypt as F&B Manager until 1998, when I moved to the Caribbean as F&B Director. In 2006, I began working with Shangri-La, starting at Abu Dhabi, then later I was moved to Taipei, Hong Kong, Maldives, Mauritius, and finally here to Chiang Mai. I am so pleased to have been here for two years and a half. I’d never been to Thailand before and this was my first time. I would like to stay here for a long period of time since I find Chiang Mai to be a good place to live and I am really enjoying opening up new gastronomical experiences.”

If you love dining out, then it would be hard to have missed the army of Michelin-starred chefs that Shangri-La has marched to its kitchens from around the world over the past two years. World class dining experiences have popped up every couple of months, allowing Chiang Mai’s diners to experience the skills and flavours of some of the world’s top chefs right here in Chiang Mai, and all for a fraction of the price.

“The very important thing is teamwork and creating attractions so that guests have something to return to time and again, such as our popular lobster night,” said Gabriele. “We are one of the first places in the city that has invited Michelin starred chefs to come and cook at our hotel, and we believe that we are offering the chance of Chiang Mai’s residents to experience and taste the finest food in the world, all at reasonable prices. In addition, we have pool parties where people of all ages can come for relaxation and fun. We believe that our F&B is a significant draw, which is turning Shangri-La into a destination for residents as well as incoming tourists. We always do our best and try to make all of our guests happy.”

Shangri-La Chiang Mai Hotel
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Chiang Mai
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