Golden Truffle Honey Comb: Rewriting the Ice cream Playbook

 |  October 31, 2019


Mix Restaurant is one of the most creative kitchens to be found in our fair city and their latest dessert, the Golden Truffle Honey Comb turns the traditional ice cream onto its head.

“Italians have long infused honey with truffle,” said Narissorn Somswasdi, owner of Mix Restaurant of the duo of flavours and aromas which elevate one another into heavenly harmony. “So I began thinking of my favourite things in childhood, ice cream and hot honey I used to drink before going to bed, thinking that to put such flavours into an ice cream surely would be wonderful.”

The very technically challenging white chocolate ice cream sphere, frozen by nitrogen, which glows golden because of its wafer thin shell, is then filled with olive oil, wild honey, parmesan, caramalised hazelnut, honeycomb, crispy rice, truffle, truffle oil and 24 carat gold flakes, each and every ingredient taken straight from the top shelf.

Each bite is to be savoured for its multiple dimensions, flavours and textures and being so special – and large – it is best shared with a group of friends.

Mix Restaurant & Bar
Nimmanhaemin Soi 1
Tel. 053 216 878, 089 757 7778
Open daily: 11am – 2pm and 5pm – midnight

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