The Story Behind the Dish | Crispy Noodles in Thick Gravy | Food for You

 |  July 5, 2019


  Chef Prapatsorn ‘Tutu’ Na Chiengmai has been experimenting in the kitchen since the age of eight. It wasn’t long before he was the master of the family kitchen, making meals for the family.     One dish he has been tinkering with since he was ten years old, and which is one of our favourites, is crispy noodles in thick gravy. This seemingly simple dish is ubiquitous in Thailand, but Chef Tutu, through decades of experimentation, has perfected it.     “The techniques are deceptively challenging,” said Chef Tutu of his dish. “It can be really simple, but to do it properly, I have had to go through a lot of trial and error. First of all, the right raw ingredients must be sourced. The bamboo shoots can’t be too hard and the mushrooms must be fresh. If you use dried mushrooms, then make sure they don’t have a strong aroma, as it will overwhelm the dish. Just make sure you are always checking the balance of the flavours.”     “The next part, which took me a while to get right was the noodles. I finally figured out that the best way was to boil the noodles before frying them in really hot oil. This makes the dish a bright yellow colour, and gives the noodle a nice crispy consistency. As to the sauce, I used to be frustrated as every time the sauce cooled, it would thin. So I tried using potato flour and now the sauce stays at the same consistency at any heat. And it’s important to always sprinkle fresh spring onion on top before serving.”     From the curiosity of a ten year old boy who experimented and never stopped trying to improve one of his favourite dishes, Food for You’s crispy noodles in thick gravy is a must for any noodle lover.