Steak Seasoning by Psign

 |  August 29, 2019


One (of many) differences between Thai and western cuisine, is that our dishes arrive fully flavoured at the table, and apart from noodles, they shouldn’t require any seasoning. But that is only true if the cook’s seasoning skills match the diners’ palate.

Chef Napatsakorn ‘Puri’ Kitka has spent his life since the age of ten, when he flipped his first wok, perfecting his craft. From watching Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen as a child to working in a three Michelin star restaurant in the United States as a young adult, he has now returned to Thailand where he has spent the past eight months perfecting a seasoning that we should all have on our table.

Unless you are a great cook, odds are you don’t quite get the taste you want out of your food, often having to add seasoning at the last minute. Chef Puri’s innovative Psign is a new seasoning which combines Thai and western spices to make for an umami flavoured seasoning which can pretty much go with anything.

“You can sprinkle it on steamed eggs, use it as seasoning on meat, whatever your needs, the medley of herbs highlighted by the pepper which adds complexity to the mixture, is what gets the appetite whet,” said Chef Puri of his Psign, on sale through Lazada, at the Support Foundation Sales Centre and Chiang Mai OTOP Centre.

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