Create your favorite dishes at Petits Fours

 |  July 1, 2020


Cooking has become more popular since anyone can learn how to cook and create their own recipes. There is so much to learn and experiment with when it comes to cooking. For those who want to learn more about cooking technique tips in a pleasant atmosphere, Petits Fours is an ideal choice. Chef Peerawat ‘Tiao’ Pana-Ananpaiboon loves cooking and especially loves to share his knowledge and teach cooking.   ‘Petits Fours’ means small pieces of pastry or a small oven. But for Chef Tiao, his Petits Fours refers to the little children who come to learn and share happiness in his cooking class. Chef Tiao, however, opens his kitchen to all ages, with some students starting as young as three years old while others are adults in their retirements. He let the students cook their favorite dishes and share their cooking happiness and deliciousness to family. Many students keep practicing and share some food with their friends and later open their own shop.     Petits Fours teaches both sweets and savories, giving technique tips, offering practical knowledge, hands-on experience, and most of all creating a fun environment for lovers of baking and cooking to really experiment. In addition to the cooking studio, Petit Fours serves a cozy cafe where you can sit back and relax with a cup of aromatic coffee and a wide selection of homemade bakery items.     Petits Fours Café & Studio Baan Mai Samaggi, soi 17, Chiang Mai – Hang Dong Rd. (opposite Tesco Lotus and McDonald) Tel. 085 491 4645, 081 473 8323 Facebook: Petits Fours ห้องเรียนสอนทำขนมและอาหารสำหรับทุกคนในครอบครัว