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Dress Rehearsal of Denial is a Wonderful Thing at A.U.A.

January 11

Denial is a Wonderful Thing, a one woman show is being performed on January 12 Friday at 7:00 pm, at AUA Auditorium Rachadamoen Road (Sunday Walking Street).

Denial is a Wonderful Thing – performed by Christina Augello, written by Christina Augello and John Caldon.  This one-woman show (in the author’s words) is a “story about sex, drugs and rock and roll!  There’s adventures in India and Australia, tales of the 60’s and hitchhiking to San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury, bad choices, reflective laughter at them, challenging revelations and lots of discovery about life in retrospect.”  Theatre is Easy NYC wrote:  “Six decades of adventure, discovery, and denial in one charming hour…..travels to far-off lands, finding fathers, difficult mothers, and a rich love of life itself….there’s drama, there are some delightful laughs, and there is a lot of heart.” One performance only! TalkBack and reception to follow with actress and author Christina Augello ​– Tickets on sale now – on line –