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Tourism Authority of Thailand Launches Amazing VR to Showcase Thainess Through New Media

CityNews – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has created a VR video to share the experience of Thailand in a brand new platform. According to TAT’s Discover Thainess campaign, the VR video experience is considered a brand new dimension that can be used to promote Thailand’s tourism industry.

The VR experience tells the story of Thai rice, something considered the lifeblood of Thailand. Follow the rice from the field to the plate and learn how to cook jasmine rice perfectly. The video also explores traditions and customs of Thailand and presents some of Thailand’s best foods.

It also takes you into the Thai boxing ring, where you become a fighter practicing some of Muay Thai’s most famous moves and learn the traditional Muay Thai dance. Another scene takes the users on a trip to experience traditional Thai costumes, where you learn about how to weave silk in a traditional way. You can choose the colour of the thread and the pattern as you learn about a number of Thai silk tourist destinations.

“Our team was very determined during the production of Amazing VR to encourage tourists to experience the journey in Thailand through a new format of presentation providing more sensorial impact to audience. When viewing this film with a device set called Head-Mounted Display: HMD, viewers will be able to experience it through the sensation as if they were the main character of the film just like they visit Thailand by themselves. We definitely hope that Amazing VR will attract more international tourists to become interested and make a trip and sense this impressive experience in Thailand by themselves, and also to activate Thai tourism industry continually”, said Mr.Yuthasak Supasorn, the Governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand.

If you are interested in the VR experience, you can download the Amazing VR from the Steam Store.