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Rong Ga Je Locals Agree to Move with Authorities’ Help

CityNews – Rong Ga Jae canal communities have agreed to move in order to clear the canal ways, as along as the authorities help relocate them first.

On June 8th, local authorities including the military, police, Chiang Mai Municipality, Chiang Mai Land Office and related authorities signed a MOU with residents that have been settling near the Rong Ga Jae canal in Si Phum, in align with the Mae Kha canal restoration campaign.

There are 111 households that are straddling Rong Ga Jae canal, with 280 residences along just one kilometre of the canal. These homes began settling over 50 years ago, but are now being asked to leave.

At the public hearing today, about 70 local representatives agreed to cooperated with the authorities’ campaign and asked for them to provide assistance in relocation as many of the locals have not yet be able to find a new home.

Rong Ga Jae canal is one of Mae Kha canal’s branches. The plan is to clear all canals in the city from encroaching buildings, regardless of how long they have been there, in order to ease the flow of drainage and improve the quality of the canals.