Small steps to the big changes #3

September 1

Nowadays, trash is a form of pollution in our world. We dump the useless things on ground and make it unhealthy for animals and people. 234,870 people living in Chiang Mai throwing 1 piece of trash per day will create 234,870 pieces a day. We cannot imagine how big hill of trash we can create in one year!

Our small group cannot save the world, but we started initiative Small Steps to raise awareness about this problem which might turn into something bigger. We have been collecting trash in Chiang Mai since few weeks around Nawarat Bridge area. We hope that with our Small Steps initiative we can create awareness about this problem in our society, and that those small steps could lead to the Big Change.

Our goals are to let as many people as possible know about trash problem in Chiang Mai, in some way educate about responsibility to keep our neighborhoods clean and change people mindsets.

Would you like to join our Small Steps initiative? Meet us at “Chiang Mai Religion Practice Center” at 09:00 AM. If you cannot find us, please call at 095-6962899. Don’t forget to invite your friends.

The equipment: Mask, Gloves, Garbage bag and Garbage clamp. (If you have no chance to prepare them, also feel free to join us as we will prepare some for you.)

Rome wasn’t built in a day, human also cannot change in a day! Small Steps to the Big Change is the starting point for all of us.

Event Details

Timing: 9am - 11.30am

Chiang Mai Religion Practice Center

095 696 2899 Facebook