Planning Your Hemp Adventure at Yellow pug.

June 28

– a lecture by Steve Sarich, an agronomist specialising in Hemp and CBD production. Steve has deep knowledge gained from over 30 years of intense study and works with Hemp & CBD production.

Hemp is not just a crop you plant and then it will yield what you want.

You need to understand which parts of the plant yield which crop. You must understand its crop cycle, what products you are aiming for, and then plant and harvest accordingly.

There are many things you can derive from this ancient plant not just CBD oil. Though this is the buzzword of our times. When it comes down to it, you want to run a profitable business. To do that you must understand the plant and what it can deliver for you.

Steve Sarich will take us through the history, the many uses of hemp, and the right cultivation for your crop.

Come and join us for what will be a very fascinating and informative lecture. Julian at has graciously offered the space for this event. The Lecture will start at 7 pm sharp and take an hour. There is a bar so you can purchase drinks beforehand. After the lecture Steve will be at the bar ready to answer any questions, you might have.

This event is open to everyone so please spread the word. 

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