Lekphet Seminar

August 10 - August 11

Lekphet aka Kru Lek is coming back to Chiang Mai Fit Muay Thai for another spectacular seminar.

Kru Lek is one of the head coaches of Odenplan Fightgym which is one of the best Muay Thai gyms in all of Sweden. Odenplan Fightgym generates many professional fighters who fight all over the world.

He has held seminars in 14 countries all over the world and has created many world champion fighters.

Three of his known fighters are Sofia Olofsson, Sanny Dahlbeck and Patricia Axling. All three of them have an impressive championship fighting record and each hold world Championship titles in their respective weight classes.

The Seminar will be held over two days

1pm to 3pm on Saturday 10 August & Sunday 11 August.

The two-day seminar will focus on reading your opponent and countering their strategies. He will also teach more detailed techniques to help make those who come more balanced fighters.

Cost: 800/Day (1600 for both Saturday & Sunday)

Please reserve your spot ASAP as spaces will be limited.

Contact Chiang Mai Fight Fit Muay Thai to register or for more details

[email protected]
Tel: 063-673-8123
(English: 062-264-4436)

Event Details

Timing: 1 - 3 pm

Chiang Mai
Fight Fit Muay Thai

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