How to live life on your own terms

February 3

At this event I will share practical guidance on how we can step into our true, confident, and authentic self, in and out of the office.

The talk will include insights I’ve learned from 2 decades of experience with industry leaders, gifted coaches, and spiritual masters.

✔️ Does the prospect of losing your job / income scare you?
✔️ Do you wear a nervous smile whenever you meet your boss / client?
✔️ Is there a constant underlying tension when you interact with colleagues, certain family members, or even your life partner?
✔️ Do you ever feel like you have a lot to lose? Does this feeling restrict the breadth and depth of your expression and authenticity?
✔️ Do you get a sense of confusion and indecision throughout the day?

I did. For more than a decade, that was my reality.

It turns out, the answer to all the challenges in my life was not in psychology, self-help books, or other esoteric realms. Instead, I discovered it in a totally different place: that of business negotiation, which used to be what I did at the office.

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, then you will get immeasurable, life-changing benefits from improving your negotiation power.

In this session, we will explore some practical things we can all do in order to break free and live life on our own terms. Right now.

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Timing: 5pm - 6pm

Tha Pae Gate

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