Enneagram Conversations

June 29

Enneagram Conversations is a gathering of people that desire to discuss and learn more about themselves and others through the Enneagram.

During this Enneagram Conversations gathering there will be a brief overview of each of the 9 types. We will have a panel from our gathering to share with us what it’s like to be their type. We will have topic based conversation starters to learn more about other types as well. So please come open to share with the group what it’s like to be your type. If you don’t know your type that is fine to join us, and listen to gain more understanding about yourself through others.

This gathering will be held in the Meeting Room at Content Villa Chiang Mai-Hotel. Water, paper, and a pencil will be supplied. There is a coffee shop next to the room, Le Monte that you are welcome to order drinks and cookies. We do kindly request that you pay a 100 baht to help cover the expense of the meeting room.

Event Details

Timing: 09:00-11:00 am

Content Villa